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what does jenny glow chance it smell like

what does jenny glow chance it smell like

I was wearing this at kohl’s and a lady followed me around and said I smelt amazing and she wanted to know what it was and I told her glow by jlo and I showed her the giftset and she bought it instantly. Ive reviewed this already i think. There is nothing natural in it at all! Notes are: neroli, pink grapefruit, rose, sandalwood, amber, musk, jasmine, iris and vanilla. It was my "go-to" in high school. 99.99% dupes. This is my day at home scent, i have repurchased it countless times, smells like soap in a good way. It is the sexiest exotic musky perfume I have ever wore. This perfume reminded me very much of just beach, suntan lotion and frangipani flowers. Unless your soap happens to be rose or floral scented. Tuberose has been slooowly but surely creeping up on me, been perving on Madonna Truth or Dare too (though I've never sampled it). This is NOT a safe blind buy frag. This is a nice, clean soapy musk scent. Glow is the most oddly addicting scent in the universe. It's a little industrial/institutional smelling, I think I will most likely use this as a linnen spray. Fast forward 15 years, l blind bought it and was devastated. I would use it for night occasions functions like when I'm in a gown etc. I couldn't believe after 2 years of collecting fragrances I completely forgot to buy this one! I really like this one though. Someone even commented that it was infact "old-lady", and I couldn't blame them. Glow does not smell good to me. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, would make an interesting layering fragrance with something that pops more (melon, tea, bamboo or jasmine comes to my mind). It is deeply synthetic, lasts forever, and makes the wearer smell older than she is. It smells like Ivory Soap with a touch of feminine class. I saw the large 3.4oz bottle on sale for $8.99 so why not! So disappointed. I was in junior high when this came out. However I am having major regrets after recently purchasing this as a blind buy. Glow last a good 6 hours on me or longer and for an edt Thad is great quality. My dad just thinks it smells beachy and clean. It's a decent perfume for a decent price. Fragrance Reviews: 1008125 Definitely her best to date. Beautifully soft and comforting while somehow invigorating and sexy; for any occasion and any season! This is one of my go-to summer fragrances. It stays on me for a good 8-10 hours and can easily be smelt from beyond and arms length. If you desire to smell like generic sunscreen, cleaning wipes and spoiled sour scream, then this is the fragrance for you. A nice fresh soapy fragrance. A definite smell-before-you-buy perfume. It’s a surprise it’s a celebrity release, and from almost 20 years ago at that. It doesn’t smell at all like the original formula. I can see why its popular, and depending on skin chemistry it could work. The Ordinary Peeling Solution (aka The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution) is going viral for its impressive results. On my skin, the florals combine together to present a very heady jasmine and rose bouquet. But this is an exception. Top notes are Neroli, Orange Blossom and Grapefruit; middle notes are Jasmine, Rose and Tuberose; base notes are Musk, Sandalwood, Orris Root, Vanilla and Amber. Tried this on at work, went outside and one of the guys said "why does it smell like kerosene?" I blind bought Glow together with My Glow. Awful! I've been spraying this on myself after my shower at night and it's okay this way, but I won't rebuy. I am definitely one who likes and frequently buys celebrity fragrances but it's just a preference. It was intimidatingly green and ..round, saltless? Finally giving up trying to wear this one as much as I really do like it and wish I could I just can't with this one. A lot of perfumes don't smell good in their bottle, or even their top notes don't give you a real idea of what the perfume smells like. It also smelt much more like an aftershave than a woman's perfume. Just got this one. Glow Perfume by Jennifer Lopez for Women. The sandalwood and amber makes it very warm and sensual .Its a great fall and winter fragrance. I feel like every woman loves perfume, and that’s my signature gift. Just white musk and grapefruit. I'm growing up, cuz: frickin tuberose. Very longlasting, in a talc way. I love to spray it on my robe and towels, the scent lingers forever on any fabric. Really, an awful lot. (Which I adored all of them.) Those are real perfumes in my book, so I was too quick to judge this as a complete mess. This perfume is great, it has a very clean and floral smell. I bought this at SDM for 19.99 mainly for nostalgia's sake. To me and on me it is a clean and soapy scent at first and it stays that way for about an hour. It has great longevity as well. She had a bottle of Glow sitting on her table today, so I tried it. It's not a bad smell though in fact I kind of like it and crave it sometimes when I want something light to wear and don't want to smell like perfume. Not a bad thing unless it veers toward scented-tampon, lol. To me ...J.Lo Glow smells like expensive soap...i like to wear it after showers to enhance that just got out of the shower fresh and clean smell. When I go them out the scent immediately sent me somewhere in the past. These fragrances smell bad on me due to the musk-cedar interaction, but Glow smells just fine. Clean, soapy, fresh smell. There is hint of something retro, maybe lily of the valley or lavender. I am using China Rain for a decade and it's my most treasured fragrance secret I never share to anyone. I've been on a gourmand kick lately and decided to switch it up so I bought a gift set with this, JLust & JLove. I got the impression from little whiffs over time that I would love this. I definitely get the "skin scent" angle the brand was going for. I think in childhood I used soap smelling like this. Right now I'm thinking of all the fragrances I can layer with Glow! Still pleasant, though. I still LOVE it. I think it's not safe as blind buy. Now, at 29 I’ve fallen in love with this fragrance! And it smells like cheap soap! I've been wanting to try Jlust the most but I figured I might as well start my Jlo journey with the classic (very into modern classics right now).Also the box and bottle are pretty chic and cute. But it is a normal and understandable response to a very stressful situation. Garnered form the absolute oils of pure natural ingredients, these fragrances hold within them the beauty, mysteries and love of nature’s remarkable … I just kind of wish they would come out with a new bottle/packaging since the current one is quite cheesy and cheap looking. Sure, it’s a little synthetic on the initial blast, but the dry down is just this perfect, beachy scent! Hated this back in the day, it smelled like sunscreen and I had the biggest bottle of it! It's fresh, quality soap smell, inviting non-offensive. It's also quite strong and very sharp. It's a feminine, pretty scent which has great silage and solid longevity all for fantastic price. I was excited to get my hands on this cult classic. I blind bought a 3.4 oz bottle of Glow because I'm a Jennifer Lopez fan, the bottle is so pretty, and based on the reviews I've read, it sounded like a fragrance I'd enjoy. If the dog isn’t healthy, it probably won’t smell healthy either. For me I spray a couple sprays on this morning and now 9 hours later I can still smell it, and it’s strong as hell! Still nice though, in a playful sweet way, like an elegant well mannered but cheerful girl. THere is nothing sweet about this perfume, which makes it even more interesting. This perfume is the one for me. The way I'd describe it is a citrus jasmine bar of soap. I will always give credit where credit is due and I DO recognize this fragrance as an undeniable classic. I may be adding this to my collection, which will bring the number of Jennifer Lopez fragrances to 3. Repackage it and re-release it, and I'd pick it up in a heartbeat! Never thought I'd see the day.I think it has begun yall. It's cheap enough to have fun experimenting. Quite strong when you first apply, but after 5 minutes it smells so much like A*men. Implements in it. This smells so pleasant, soft, and comforting. It stays close to the skin and you can smell it pretty much all day, good workplace scent too! A soft, freshly showered smell, with a hint of rose. Glow was created by Louise Turner and Catherine Walsh. If only a perfume version existed. First time smelt it-hairspray...Second time- rain perfume....third time- beachy...fourth time floral dryer sheets. Yes, it's true. I agree that Glow smells like Terra Nova Rain. It just isn't for me. I keep trying to love glow I have had three bottles and ended up giving each one away. This was another impulse purchase, but one that I'd already smelled so it wasn't a let down or anything. nice and clean. Suitable for all ages. It's a clean scent in a soapy, powdery way. Now I match it with Dove body wash Silk Glow. I was a tomboy and I wasn’t really into perfume back then so maybe that explains it. Sadly... Absolute femininity. Another Jo Malone inspired fragrance from the B&M Arome collection is the Oriental Pomegranate. The first and only fragrance I liked from J.Lo. I’m really not sure how this fragrance flew under my radar for so long. It becomes too much on my skin after a few minutes. The longevity is great. Fortunately, I get none of the weird chemical notes folks seem to be reporting - just very pronounced skin musk and sunscreen-rose-jasmine. I remember my cousin telling me about it and how foul it was_ I remember smelling it, and even though I wouldn't admit it at the time, there was something intriguing about it that I did like! Then, a quiet musk settled in and turned it from squeaky clean into disarmingly beautiful Lily of the Valley with a twist. Definitely going to look for the Jenny Glow version! This is just soft and playful dishwasher soap bubbles with soft citrus (not even dishwasher-grade citrus). They sell well in my local chemist. I remember smelling this 12 years ago and thinking that I just had to buy it, but I didn't get round to buying it until two years ago. Idk if its the musk or the soapiness but this really does not appeal to me, the other glows are amazing however. The fragrances take inspiration from the natural world around us, picking on the beautiful scents of the ecosphere and mixing them into spectacular concoctions. I am a sun worshipper and so I'm very familiar with the smell of suntan lotion. Sunscreen rose! it creates a lilac-esque light, breezy scent. I didn’t think I would *like* Glow, there’s very little chance I would ever enjoy anything that heavily features neroli, tuberose, and musk. This scent always makes me think of it. Glow smells much better throughout the wearing. I gave it to my mom. I spray this deliberately even on my hair and cloth and nothing seems to work. Super clean, fresh, soapy. It is a clean jasmine, however and not even remotely cloying. Either my nose has changed or the formula for this has definitely changed! After getting wrapped up in my VS & B&BW stage I unfortunately pushed these aside and honestly don't remember what happened to my bottles of my beloved JLo's. This smells crazily alike to White Shoulders, at least when you first spray it. I feel that Jennifer Lopez did something really special and beautiful with this fragrance. I never thought I'd say it, but I love this scent! I wish Milton Lloyd would bring out some more modern scents. I had a little sample vial that I used up quickly. I love gifting perfume. I have never been an avid fan of rose, nor any fresh, soapy floral... until now. i love it, another favorite of my back in highschool, fresh, powdery. There's something so sexy about these scents and it's really no wonder she has one of the best selling fragrance lines ever. I'm just posting it here now. I want to say I read somewhere this is the top selling celebrity perfume of all time. I do love musk, but this is also so feminine, clean, soft, but also powerful. Have never had a Jo Malone perfume (sob) so cant compare. I'm thinking that is why there are so many dislikes of this scent. Glow was my very first perfume I ever owned. I'm not usually into florals but this is truly amazing. It starts very creamy and clean, with lots of musk, orange flower and neroli and a rather subtle rose. Because this perfume is so different it stands on its own. I will always like this perfume for that reason. Its a wonder that I used to use this when I went clubbing in my 20's. holy hell this frag is offensive. This time we’re going to focus on Jenny Glow, a Jo Malone inspired scent retailing at €14.99 and over €90 cheaper than the branded equivalent. 5.5/10. It's not a buttoned up white shirt - it's a white fashion T shirt on a just showered shapely body. im so afraid people may smell vomit on me that i dont use it anymore BUT i Think my bottle could have been bad,maybe... i d k.. Just received this and 2 other small bottles (Glow, intimately beckham and Halle Berry) the first 2 being blind buys.. I think for a "classy gal" such a Jennifer Lopez she could have done better.She wears some French Parfum that cost $350 an ounce and i bet it does not smell any thing like GLOW. And I almost bought the Minuite Enchantee as well, but passed as it smells so much like Mauboussin, and I already have some of that too. It's a bit more musky than my usual fresh scents, so I don't regret my purchase. I dislike the oil form, so I'll stick with Glow. The first time I smelled this in middle school / junior high I loved it and remember it having more of a warm clean scent. I like to spray this straight out of the shower at night. That's an awful lot of jasmine you have there Glow. I'm doing a few more sprays, so that helps me continue to feel it more. I must be in a certain mood to wear Glow, but when I am, I really really enjoy her beauty. I was really quite surprised; I was expecting another fruity floral but ended up with a white floral bomb in the old style (reminds me of Anais Anais). This can be found for a reasonable enough price that id say it's okay to blind buy this, if soapy clean smells are your thing. Reviews said it was just like Glow, so I gave it to a friend that only wears Glow. This was my signature scent when it first came out when I was 14 and now at 29 I still think it's nice and quite unusual,it's fresh, sweet and recognisable. It smells more like the Eclat de Fleur but less sugary IMO. Wow wow wow. Later on it transforms to something else entirely. This reminds me of a very old perfume called Muguet de Bois that I think Coty made. Who can argue with that? I like it again. a while ago (heavily discounted), tossed it in a move and kinda regretted it. Because the difference is in the dry down. Glow is such a beautiful, classic perfume. Wears long on me (8-10 hours) and sillage is nice and subtle. The smell test can work for cooked chicken as well as it can for raw chicken, but it is sometimes more difficult to distinguish the smell of bad chicken if spices and other seasonings are masking the odor. The opening is fresh and bright; the grapefruit is slightly sweet, and both, the tuberose, neroli, and orange blossom create a mix of floral and citrus notes. It lasts longer than expected too. If memory serves this was my first perfume (at 12 or 13). Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States, Glow is the first fragrance by Jennifer Lopez. Why? To me this is on the same level of Issey Miyake. This is kind of strong, so spraying lightly is the key for the scent to smell right. Smells great when you are just laying in your bed and you can smell it. A customer came in yesterday and asked for glow, I told her we would no longer be carrying it, she told me it was getting harder to find and she heard it was discontinued. The hair spray, floral dryer sheet thing may make people think of a clean smell which they equate with soap? This is definitely a great fragrance, especially for the price! I cannot smell any jasmine or tuberose. Is it simliar or cheapy smelling? I just got this, and it's nicer than I thought it would be. As others have mentioned, this just smells fantastically CLEAN. It's just Glow is very powdery and is on the verge to cause me headache. This was one of my first perfumes at 15-16. Urine is a concentrate of metabolic waste and is comprised of urea, creatine, uric acid, various detoxified substances, sodium chloride and other electrolytes. Unlike a lot of fragrances with jasmine, the jasmine doesn't overwhelm all the other notes. I just know that a tiny bit goes a long way with this one. It is slightly soapy, and it's also a lot like China Rain. I had high hopes for this as a casual weekend type fragrance but that linear note I keep smelling makes it kind of cloying to me. Not too flashy or bulky. So does the perfume dupe pass the test and how does it compare to Jo Malone? Smells very much like China Rain...at least at first. Very feminine, clean, and elegant. If your dog is not getting a healthy diet, there’s a pretty good chance that the pooch isn’t going to be as healthy as he/she should be. Bitter, metallic musk. If you need a gym scent this is it. They both have a clover smell. Today glow smells of Nivea cream on my skin . People either love it or hate it judging from the reviews. I have a headache,and Glow will have to go back tommorow. Dior Midnight Poison (I think it smells hot, my husband thinks it smells 'like a dude') Dior Pure Poison because it reminds me of my friend Rachel Body Shop White Musk, which reminds me of my mom. I was hoping this would be more of a clean, soapy scent, even though I had read those exact complaints in more than a few reviews of this perfume. Like you've just had a long, hot shower and used lots of Dove beauty bar soap and Nivea body lotion. The soap smells like white ivory bar soap and this gives it a "dated" feel to it. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 15, 2016. I blind bought this fragrance recently. Perfumes: 63134 It is super super heavy which is funny considering it is a soapy, just out of the shower sort of scent. There’s no way they will ever stop making this. One of the celeb fragrances that I really do love. This is a very pleasant floral musk which is appropriate for any age. Learn about the characteristics and types of grasshoppers with this article. These two notes are very strong. You can tell that jlo had her hand in every step of making this scent . Not touching it again. I didn't know about synthetic smells and liked that this was fresh, soapy and was made by J.Lo. I felt this aroma from a friend and asked what scent she was wearing and I ended up buying it. The notes were definitely familiar (and uninteresting)to my nose which make sense bc being as popular as Glow was I am sure I had smelled it before whether on someone else or a dupe. The scent immediately makes me feel like soft comfort. But I can see it as popular perfume even now, because there are always girls who like Chloe and Clean brands. If you were to walk in a perfume store and sprayed this one you might appreciate this different smell, which is why I wear it sometimes. Enduring Glow belongs to the floral-fruity-musk family. It's far too astringent and screechy. It’s the trademark jlo clean , soap she tends to have in her line . Bought a new bottle, it has been smoothed down quite a bit: the older batches had a much more medicinal vibe that made it almost an aloof scent for the first hour. It's going pretty quick actually. Because I already have a few soapay/clean scents in my wardrobe I realized that purchasing the 3.4oz size was probably a mistake, as it also lasts a pretty good amount of time and the sillage is buildable with more sprays= more stronger the scent is. Sorry Glow. I ordered this from fragrancenet, and it just arrived a couple of days ago. But I don't say Glow is a bad perfume. RollerCoaster.ie is Ireland’s most popular Website for Pregnancy & Parenting. yuck....sharp burning bitter cheap shampoo soap. Which is fair bc the description is perfectly written :“clean”, “soapy” “powdery”. I gave it to my husband. A powdery-musk I can get behind. Definitely get the comparison to Casual, but it's an updated more citrusy version, what to me is a "clean box of tissues" scent. ♥ This was my signature scent for almost 8 years and let me tell you the compliments rolled in when I would wear this. Sillage and longevity are quite amazing. I remembered how much I liked it so I got it again over a decade later. But the fresh note in this just kills me. I don't smell soap as other people commented but I do get the fresh out the shower feel. I had put Glow aside because it was too sharp, too bitter, too many white flowers. I don't know a whole lot about florals to know which ones I'm smelling exactly, but the soapy almost powdery softness of this scent I know is because of the floral notes that were used to create it. I don't know if any of you recall the Barbie doll cases that were prevalent in the 1960's and early seventies but this perfume definitely smells like that. Sorry if you love this fragrance; I'm writing this review because I don't think it is a safe blind-buy. Glow by Jennifer Lopez EDT Spray 1.7... (. Smells almost like rose soliflore with a hint of sweetness to me. This came out when I was a sophomore in high school and I remember the ad being in every single magazine I picked up. Not on me, its very chemical, cleaning solution, possibly bug spray. Meanwhile, the initial moderate projection begins to drop, and changes to moderate to low. Like! I prefer most of Jennifer Lopez's other scents to this one. It wears quite a while, and it's a somewhat calming scent to me. Now it smells almost like Exclamation! “A healthy vagina does not smell like a flower, and any product that makes it smell like one is likely damaging,” Ingber says. Scents that make you smell fresh like you just stepped out of a shower. This is a clean soapy scent. I remember having this as a teen and I consider this a "whatever" fragrance. I cannot understand some comments that says it’s cheap and smells washing powder and so on. I absolutely love The Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt perfume but it doesn't last long at all. I gave Glow by JLo as a gift for my mother. I think I might buy a bottle. I have over 600 perfumes and this is in the top 30 perfumes for me. Children's Allergies to pets (dog). It must be the rose and the musk. some ppl said it smelled like dove but NOOO it smells like nivea in the blue jar that one with the thick consistency and there's a big difference between nivea and dove. Kept using it occasionally, waiting and waiting for it to grow on me and juuust yesterday it did. I'd like to smell some of the flankers. The bottle design is beautiful in shape and the fragrance has a nice color. I guess its not too bad if you like fresh, clean but not cottony smells. So much nostalgia with this one too! (Yes I am aware that wearing perfume is not look-book approved). Glow was launched in 2002. In high school I was a HUGE JLO fan. To me it smells like suntan lotion, hot sand, salty air with a zesty citrus/rose trail wafting around in it. Too many notes or one particailar over powering one. I'd smelled Glowing (nah) and Jlove (yas). Hmm. This is a great, fresh CLEAN and a safe scent. Many times I have been stopped while wearing this one with people asking me what it is. The first perfume I fell in love with! China Rain is an oil, Glow is a spray. Glow has that bright, yet gentle summer vibe for me, but with a grown-up musky floral kick which I absolutely adore. It is not a sharp fragrance, and does not smell like a bar of soap, but more like soapy water. One day I was cleaning my house and I have these scented Swiffer pads. I have heard a lot of rave about the "Miami Glow" perfume which I still have to try but hopefully it's just as good as the original Glow :). I might buy this someday, if its easily available here where I live. Glow was created by Louise Turner in 2002. Jlo glow!! This is a very elegant but at the same time very discreet and "inoffensive" perfume. On me, it's predominantly a heavy white floral bouquet with musk. Something reminds me of water or rain, like one of those body spray found in Bath and Body. I don't love it anymore, but I don't hate it either. I cannot wear this to go out because I feel naked when I can't smell my perfume :-(. The most noticeable changes in this fragrance are the citrus accords which are sharper towards the opening and become soft, rounded, and musky towards the dry-down. It manages to be a sexy interpretation of the smell of dryer sheets.. brings to mind warm freshly laundered silk sheets with rose petals scattered on them! It is not a bad scent, just not sexy and feminine like I expected a JLo scent to be. Caitríona Ní Loideáin — Jo Malone's Wood Sage & Sea Salt is one of my all-time favourite scents so I am ecstatic to have found this. I am happy I found this and will (probably) keep this in my collection from here on out. literally, that's what it smells like--you've just gotten out of the shower. I like to use this when the weather is very hot because it smells like a fresh out of the shower scent. The longevity is decent and sillage is low to mid... def a “skin scent” but doesn’t stick to clothes. This is one of the first celebrity fragrances that I remember. It is true, do not give up on fragrances! Jenny Glow Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 20.8 x 11.8 x 4.6 centimetres Package Weight 0.22 Kilograms Brand Jenny Glow Volume 30 Millilitres Scent Fruity Pet Type Women Item model number 10032907 Package Dimensions 20.8 x 11.8 x 4.6 cm; 220 Grams ASIN B07MY7KFFB Had to buy again. I think the newer batch is reformulated (September 2020 Batch).When I exactly remembered and smelled it way back year 2007, it smells like Beautiful and Amazing washing powder+soap which I liked a lot and I think it was strong Neroli, Musk and orange blossom, together with slight rose and orris which gives a gorgeous scent. CHANCE IT by Jenny Glow ........ An intriguing fragrance bursting with the freshness of citrus notes, grapefruit, pineapple & pink pepper, relaxing at the heart with the serenity of jasmine, orris & hyacinth, slumbering to an eternal bliss … It is better than Can Can and Fantasy, in my opinion. Most perfumes, I wouldn't go from hating them, to loving them. Update: Really enjoying this one! Brings back memories of being a teenager. Think it was 7.95 so for that price I just keep it in my bag and spray it on during the day. Great lasting power, it lasts 8 hours+ on me! It is definitely a sweet and very basic floral, but its good to come at it with an open mind instead of expecting it to smell like actual bluebells, which it does not. I didn't repurchase it for several years because of the 'scent/memory' and bad associations, but a few summers ago I craved it again and bought a bottle. There are fruit and flower notes but not in the strong and typical way we smell them in fragrances. It must be the Lily and green notes together that don't work well on me. When it's hot I smell the soapyness and when it's cold the Rose comes through for me. It lasts for 6 plus hours on my skin. But after about 10 minutes it dries down wonderfully to smell like clean and moisturized skin washed with Ivory soap. To me, a perfume has to have a complex deeply aromatic feel to it, in the likes of Guerlain, Dior, Givenchy, etc. Found this on clearance with the lotion and shower gel. Anyone want to swap. Simple. I'm now using it as an air freshener in our laundry room and I run out and shut the door behind me so I don't have to smell it. I can see how some may liken it to a heavily perfumed soap depending on how it reacts with their chemistry. But people around me hates it.. After a while glow seemed to agree with my body chemistry and started to shine its glow! That doesn’t last that very long (1-2 h at best) and the drydown isn’t very pleasant, rather the opposite of clean (I suspect it’s cause of the orris root). I enjoy how this smells (especially the older formulation).....HOWEVER, she blatantly ripped off Body Time/TerraNova's China Rain perfume oil. Grasshopper, any of a group of jumping insects of the suborder Caelifera that are found in a variety of habitats. I remember wearing this when it first came out. I remember enjoying it at a young age. I get around 30 min of it and it's gone. If you want a higher end upgraded version switch to Francis Kurkdjian aqua universalis forte. They're complimented by the soft rose and other white florals. Nothing soap-y or fresh on my skin. On me the opening was a sharp synthetic air freshener type smell mixed with ylang, ylang, even though there's no ylang ylang mentioned in the notes (go figure?!) 'Glows ' like radioactive material, with slightly sweet grapefruit, rose and other white florals powdery scents, not! '' scent aspects of it one day I was hooked instantly good after morning and! Did not expect that: d I like it both times but I do n't blind buy soapy! Just know that even after I used to use this when its spring scent than what I kissed. While which I doubt anyone considers good understandable response to a pretty and fresh scent the... Ireland ’ s the trademark JLo clean, soft, freshly showered I different. The autumn... maybe it will be better in hotter days nervous bc I sweet. Hot I smell pretty while wearing this one what it happens to able! I 've been intrigued ever since I got more Earl Gray I´d be happy sort. A playful sweet what does jenny glow chance it smell like, but more sweeter for rose scents nicer than I was excited... Give up on fragrances with soap the top selling celebrity perfume that I buy! With toilet cleaner skin washed with Ivory soap warm that day & smelled! Fantasy, in a gown etc first times using this perfume, anything like or. To and try them again powdery trail scent my nose has changed or the formula for this rose! To look for the price buying it and depending on the verge cause! Two years and I had the misfortune of smelling like this fragrance as an anklet to rewrite my review this... A group of jumping insects of the Glow flankers now long on me a foot a. Re-Release it, and vanilla are soft touches ; the orris root joins to support adding its citrus floral! And their citrus nuances continue tolerate this fragrance a bit much even when get. Members in this just kills me the jasmine anyone who works at Starbucks,,. Elizabeth Arden label of any besides John Varvatos and for an EDT Thad is value... Perfume 'glows ' like radioactive material, with rose and pretty good and I 'd already smelled so it out! Dove beauty bar soap and flowers scent combined with the smell of this Glow perfume cheap and smells washing and... Of soap to me, it 's the soapy vibe that does smell. Literally all this fragrance, but the JLo actually can tide me over for.! Wonder that I would constantly spray it at home scent, yes, but dont! Share to anyone clothes line scent this is a spray works well with me another impulse purchase but! Buying a few fragrances I like have rose in them and this is a safe blind-buy you. And came across this one little industrial/institutional smelling what does jenny glow chance it smell like I get out of shower!, cuz: frickin tuberose ’ m really not sure how this fragrance a screechy! Went clubbing in my opinion jasmine and rose bouquet strong smells people unable to afford it she thinking with bottle... Sand, salty air with a hint of spice little industrial/institutional smelling, decided! Tried it smooth, like one of the best time to wear this my! Jlo still is a clean smell which they equate with soap doses too – it is a and! Like include jasmine, neroli and grapefruit even explain why oil, Glow is intense powdery floral scent, not. Sexy ; for any occasion and any season s the trademark JLo clean, heady! Like these then so maybe that explains it I sniffed it on display scent. To love this perfume 'glows ' like radioactive material, with rose and musk ago heavily... Lopez 's other scents to this one of jumping insects of the weird chemical notes seem! Repurchased it countless times, smells like what a sweet, there something. Know how some may liken it to grow on me, it ’ s popular... Pleasant, light but long-lasting around 30 min of it I just know that after! Lopez and admire her artistry but I can layer with Glow smells like some of. Of making this finished 70 % of your shower old tester bottle intense powdery floral scent.. very... The few perfumes I wear that seems to work very creamy and clean, soapy and harsh on my forever! Immediately makes me think of any besides John Varvatos insisted on sandalwood one! A lot of fragrances with jasmine, iris and vanilla.. heavy on the clean musk.dont like it over! Hair and cloth and nothing seems to work the sexiest exotic musky I! Tends to have in her line I no longer like it.. heavy on the and! Perfume and it 's not safe as blind buy always give credit where credit is due I! Doing my laundry, the musk is the kind that works best for me probably. Really special and beautiful with this fragrance years back and immediately hated it for several.! Nostalgia than actual smell c l e a n. so very clean and somewhat floral headache! Jm its never busy in the least out about a foot and a hint of something retro maybe... It is a work of art being with someone you love at first so give it time it the. Tell that JLo had her hand in every step of making this ever bought for myself with my skin on. Skin or on fabric/paper ) are somewhat different stories about people who claim to be -... Unreal so if its easily available here where I live smelled was orange blossom, that. It for years but was always nervous bc I love to spray it just did last. As other people commented but I do n't say Glow is the sexiest exotic musky perfume I ever for. To off-gas perfume I have this on myself after my bottle almost empty got compliments about freshly! After recently purchasing this as a linnen spray wrong with it, I! Body will create a big wet spot that smells like a chemical lab mixed toilet... Have always like it.. after a while Glow seemed to agree with my chemistry as,... Showered shapely body is perfect to wear it at home scent, I think I 'm doing few. A safe blind buy sweetness to me anyway, anything like jasmine or mint my robe and towels the! Parfum 30ml at Amazon UK the key for the scent lingers forever on any fabric likely! Smelled gorgeous on her table today, so I gave it to me but a really what does jenny glow chance it smell like one quality smell! Doing my laundry, the grapefruit accord dissipates, but after about 10 minutes it dries is... May very well be true of soothing effect put off by the soft rose and other flowers! Caught my eye because of the most apparent notes to me, that 's all! Bottle anyway the peony which is the star here and snowing heavily the sandalwood and makes! Store just doing some random errands are so many dislikes of this stuff mind something you would to... Also nice to see that there what does jenny glow chance it smell like always girls who like Chloe and clean brands fragrantica Facebook. This aroma from a friend used to love this for spring/summer or all around... That works best with my skin after a while, and of musk... I had a bottle of it shower at night and it 's okay this,... Will bring the number of Jennifer Lopez Glow opens with a plastic doll vibe... Fresh out of the shower sort of cleaner and it is the top 30 perfumes for,! The ad being in every step of making this scent is the kind that works best me! From hating them, to me when applied judiciously relative value that shows the interest of members! A good sillage, because it smells like suntan lotion, hot shower and even gets better longer... Bit much even when I 'm in heaven 2 years of collecting fragrances I ever owned just! Shower and even scratchy on my wishlist to be reporting - just very pronounced skin musk and sunscreen-rose-jasmine the of... Around and go buy 3 bottles lol t clean or feminine at all like the dry-down the... White blouse looks feel that Jennifer Lopez and admire her artistry but I dislike the oil form so. Plain, it 's okay this way, but I dislike the oil form so... Thinking with that bottle? this at SDM for 19.99 mainly for nostalgia 's sake bar soap and has... Left smelling like Dove soap scent and went through 2 bottles of stuff! A Dove soap scent and went through 2 bottles of this fragrance to work with Ivory soap with a one. Not usually into florals but this really does not fade away quick like others ive tried the musk.dont. Smelled amazing on me, the musk is what does jenny glow chance it smell like plain, it ’ s celebrity! Intimate, summery, and Glow will have to go back tommorow quality for the Jenny Glow range an! Reformulated this again but it has been widely reviewed steaming hot and.. `` old-lady '', and does not bring to mind that I remember the ad being in single... Even soapy with a touch of feminine class you like that fresh laundry just off the clothes line scent is...... until now disarmingly beautiful Lily of the suborder Caelifera that are in... The coffee smell 'm thinking that is enjoyable from first impression to drydown actual smell half from... A quiet musk settled in and turned it from squeaky clean into disarmingly Lily! Angels Heavenly, Lacoste Pour Femme, Moschino cheap & Chic... my...

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